About Us

My name is Michael Conway Owner/Lead Photographer. I am married to Colleen Conway, one daughter Caitlin, and 2 sons Michael & Braiden. At about 12 years old I started to have a fascination for taking pictures. My mother purchased me an old 110 camera. I started taking pictures around the yard of everything and anything. I even remember getting out a ladder one day and getting on top of our roof to get a better angle on a few ducks we had. By 15 I saved enough money to buy my first 35mm camera and one lens. Over the next few years I ended up with an arsenal of equipment. The following years, I upgraded my camera, again, and again. At about 24 I thought, wouldn’t it be great to actually make a living doing what I loved. So I went out and started to buy everything I would need to shoot professional wedding photography. I wanted the best so I purchased Hasselblad medium format equipment. This equipment allowed for excellent image quality. Then digital really started its push in the market. I love digital!

Our Philosophy

In shooting weddings we look to capture the true essence of your day. From start to finish, we capture the exact moments that tell the story of your special day. I do not classify myself as Traditional or Photojournalist. I shoot what is right for that moment and what is right for a particular bride or groom. I truly enjoy a very candid or photojournalistic style of shooting weddings, but there is also a very big place for formal posed shots as well. There is also a combination where we think out a pose, but ask the bride and groom to have fun with it and capture the pictures in a more “candid fashion. This always produces great results. It is more directing candid action.  When it comes down to it, this is your day, and we look to capture it in a way that describes both the bride and the groom’s personalities. For the Ceremony we stay to the back of the church and photograph being as inconspicuous as possible. Our goal is not to be seen or heard during the ceremony.